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Welcome to StopDayTrading CLUB

This website was created with the aim of creating a large community of people who are interested in learning and improving their personal finances through the dissemination of content among its members, mutual support, access to tools and financial data exclusive to the club, webinars, workshops and direct access to the more than 10 years of experience in the world of investment of its founder.

The philosophy of StopDayTradingClub is to avoid the siren songs of shortcuts and get rich quick schemes (hence the name of the Club) that proliferate all over the internet and that do so much economic and moral damage to people who are alien to this world.

I base myself on the firm belief that anyone of any age can take advantage of and understand all the information, teachings and investment methodology that is being offered within the Club, as it is the basis of a healthy and sustainable financial culture, oriented towards the long term and which will surely change the perception of those who receive it by saying the famous phrase “I wish I had known all this before”.

Basic Essentials

Savings Culture

Before investing and building wealth, we must first recognise ourselves as consumers and producers. Identifying the cognitive biases and mental frameworks that affect our decision-making is key. From here, we will lay the foundations of behaviour to learn how to keep an exhaustive control of income and expenses that will allow us, firstly, to create an emergency fund and secondly, to set aside part of the income to invest it. In the club we will provide you with guides, documents, tools and a lot of support to make you aware of the importance of controlling expenses in order to achieve your financial goals.


Dividend Investment

Once we are able to set aside a monthly amount of income to invest, it is time to think about passive income such as dividends.  This type of investment is a very viable and realistic way to offset our fixed expenses such as electricity, water, telephone bills, etc., but not to obtain a monthly income that allows you to live off it in the short term, as it requires a lot of capital and is not for everyone. The data and interactive reports that we update daily in the club will help you choose the stocks and/or index funds with the lowest risk and highest returns!


Index Funds Portfolio

As we have said, it takes a lot of capital to live on passive income (dividend income or real estate for example). Therefore, once we have offset our monthly bills with dividends, the next step is to achieve an annual return on the savings we accumulate with as little risk as possible. At this point you will learn all about index funds / ETFs and Portfolio Theory so that you will be able to create portfolios of funds in a matter of minutes and test their effectiveness through backtesting with our interactive tools and reports that we have in the club.  

At StopDayTradingClub we provide you with daily updated data and reports and teach you how to use them.

What are you waiting for, there’s so much to learn, join the community!

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    Periodically we will make private streamings to discuss news, solve doubts and we will also give access to our private Discord channel.


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Solve your doubts

At StopDayTradingClub you will find a healthy and friendly community that uses the same language and financial goals as you and will be happy to guide you, as well as a lot of quality, no-nonsense knowledge that gets straight to the point, to the “How it’s done”. But the Club’s strength is that we develop our own tools that process thousands of financial data daily to generate high quality reports and research exclusively for our members that you won’t find anywhere else.

Access to most of the blog posts is free, but access to premium content requires a subscription fee.

The main objective is that knowledge reaches the greatest number of people and that everyone has access to it. Therefore, it is necessary to have a fair price that anyone can afford and that is far from the thousands of euros that are asked elsewhere for low quality content and that in no way will be able to help you in such a long journey as that of investment.

No. None. I am so confident that you will find such a healthy and knowledge-rich environment within the StopDayTradingClub that you can leave and unsubscribe whenever you choose.