How to mine Tron (TRX) with CPU and GPU for free

Angel 15 de March de 2022 No comments
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In this article we will cover the main points of interest to learn how to mine Tron (TRX) for free with CPU and GPU (excluding electricity, i.e. without prior investment) with the laptop or PC that we have at home and that we use for normal use.

We will talk a bit about what Tron is, where to buy it, how it works, how to earn it and the different ways to mine it with your graphics card or processor as well as how to staking it.

In theory, this coin cannot be mined by hardware, but here is a valid method that also works with other cryptocurrencies whose protocol is based on proof of stake.

I hope you find the guide helpful and I encourage you to consider joining the Club as a member to enjoy more exclusive content! Let’s get started!

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